Get ready for a crossover! The TVA Minutemen from Loki are making an appearance in Deadpool 3

The first glimpse of a TVA minuteman in ‘Deadpool 3’ confirms the agency’s involvement in the film.

Leaked set images previously revealed Sabretooth and Toad’s return from the original X-Men trilogy.

A photo from Splash News offers a sneak peek at the updated TVA minutemen suits, hinting at their role in the movie.

Following Deadpool 2’s time-traveling escapades, Wade’s actions may have caught the attention of the TVA, known for maintaining the timeline’s integrity.

Rumors suggest the TVA’s involvement will revolve around recruiting heroes from various dimensions to combat a multiversal threat, possibly linked to the Kang variants seen in Quantumania.

While Owen Wilson’s Mobius was initially considered for the film, those plans were later abandoned.

Scenes featuring TVA minutemen in a forest chase were filmed prior to the SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Speculation also surrounds the return of characters like Jean Grey, Magneto, and Professor X from the original X-Men trilogy.

Comparisons between the leaked set image and concept art from Loki fuel discussions about the TVA’s role in the movie.

Despite debates about its setting, the inclusion of familiar elements like the 20th Century Studios logo and Tony Stark’s Hotrod hint at a connection to the Void at the end of time.

‘Deadpool 3’ is scheduled for a theatrical release on July 26, 2024.

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