Top 12 Most Hated TV Characters of All Time, According To Recent Survey

In a recent survey conducted by Ranker, with over 150,000 votes, the top 12 most despised TV characters of all time have been unveiled, as of late 2023. This comprehensive survey, as of November 24, 2023, provides insight into the characters that have left a lasting mark of disdain on viewers across various shows, including The Walking Dead, Glee, and The Sopranos.

With the vote count inching towards 200,000, the survey reflects the sentiments of a substantial number of TV enthusiasts. While individual opinions may differ, the characters listed below have garnered widespread antipathy from audiences who have witnessed their on-screen presence.

It’s crucial to clarify that the ranking pertains solely to the characters themselves, distinct from the actors or actresses who portrayed them. This distinction is essential to acknowledge when evaluating the poll results.

12/12 Lori Grimes (The Walking Dead)

Sarah Wayne Callies’ portrayal of Lori Grimes in The Walking Dead’s early seasons cements her as one of the top 12 most despised TV characters. Despite her demise in season three, Lori’s character remains divisive due to her “flawed decisions” and perceived disloyalty, notably her affair with Rick’s friend Shane (Jon Bernthal). This betrayal and the uncertainty surrounding her daughter Judith’s paternity contribute to her infamy. Even after her exit from the show, Lori’s actions continue to reverberate, solidifying her place as one of television’s most polarizing characters.

11/12 Petyr Baelish (Game of Thrones)

Aiden Gillen’s portrayal of Petyr Baelish in the acclaimed series Game of Thrones secures his position as one of the most despised TV characters. Known for his manipulative and deceptive nature, Petyr orchestrates numerous shocking plot twists and memorable character deaths, including that of Ned Stark, portrayed by Sean Bean. Despite his pivotal role in the series’ events, some may find it surprising that Littlefinger isn’t ranked higher on the list of hated characters. Yet, his cunning schemes and ruthless actions ensure his lasting infamy among viewers of the show.

10/12 Janice Soprano (The Sopranos)

Aida Turturro’s portrayal of Janice Soprano in The Sopranos lands her a spot among the most loathed TV characters, coming in at number 10. Janice is depicted as Tony Soprano’s older sister, bringing both humor and irritation to the screen. While her character provides comedic relief amid tense moments, viewers find her behavior often grating.
Janice’s departure from home at a young age due to her strained relationship with her parents, Livia and Johnny Soprano, sets the stage for her return after two decades, adding complexity to her character. Despite her familial ties, Janice’s actions and demeanor continue to divide audiences, cementing her status as a polarizing figure in The Sopranos universe.

9/12 The Governor (The Walking Dead)

David Morrissey’s portrayal of The Governor in The Walking Dead earns him the ninth spot on the list of most despised TV characters. The Governor’s menacing and villainous demeanor brought chaos to Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors, leaving a trail of trauma in his wake.
Throughout the series, The Governor’s manipulative tactics and villainous decisions solidify his status as one of the most infamous antagonists in television history. His pivotal role in the death of Hershel Greene, one of the franchise’s most beloved characters, further cements his place as a hated figure among fans. With each appearance, The Governor instills fear and loathing, making him a clear contender for the title of the most detested character in television.

8/12 Shou Tucker (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Chuck Huber’s portrayal of Shou Tucker in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ranks him as the eighth most hated TV character. Tucker’s reprehensible actions serve as a grim reflection of darkness within both characters and viewers. His portrayal evokes strong feelings of disgust and discomfort, leaving a lasting impact on audiences.

7/12 Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Lena Headey’s portrayal of Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones earns her the seventh spot on the list of most despised TV characters. Cersei’s ruthless actions, as one of the show’s main antagonists, evoke disapproval from fans. Yet, her complexity and Headey’s talent make her a memorable, albeit hated, character.

6/12 Livia Soprano (The Sopranos)

Livia Soprano, a character from The Sopranos, claims the sixth spot among the most despised TV characters. Known for her manipulative and self-absorbed nature, Livia’s presence evokes disdain from viewers, fulfilling her role as a disliked figure within the series.
Despite Tony Soprano’s status as the face of the franchise and a beloved character in television history, his mother Livia’s legacy as one of the most reviled TV characters endures. Her portrayal effectively achieves its goal of eliciting negative reactions from audiences, ensuring her place in television infamy.

5/12 Todd Alquist (Breaking Bad)

Jesse Plemons’ portrayal of Todd Alquist in Breaking Bad earns him a spot as one of the most despised TV characters. Todd’s unsettling unpredictability adds tension to the series, captivating viewers. As one of the antagonists, his role contributes to the show’s success in creating compelling villains that leave a lasting impact.

4/12 Skyler White (Breaking Bad)

Jesse Plemons’ Todd Alquist in Breaking Bad is one of the most hated TV characters. His unsettling unpredictability adds tension, captivating viewers. Skyler White, portrayed by Anna Gunn, is criticized for her perceived bullying of Walter. Despite depth, Skyler’s controversial portrayal highlights the complexities of marital dynamics in the series.

3/12 Caillou (Caillou)

Annie Bovaird’s Caillou nearly reaches the third spot on the list of most hated TV characters. Criticisms include Caillou’s perceived whininess and his parents’ controversial portrayal, accused of teaching bad manners. The show’s depiction raises concerns that it may convey to young viewers the notion that misbehavior should go unpunished.

2/12 Ramsey Bolton (Game of Thrones)

Portrayed by Iwan Rheon, Ramsey Bolton secures the second spot among the most despised TV characters, notably from Game of Thrones. Renowned for his extreme wickedness, cunning, and sadistic tendencies, Ramsey’s character captivates viewers with his villainous portrayal.
Throughout the series, Ramsey’s manipulative nature and repulsive actions solidify his status as a brilliant antagonist. His portrayal by Rheon evokes strong emotions of repulsion and fear, making him a memorable but deeply hated character in television history.

1/12 Joffrey Baratheon (Game of Thrones)

Played by Jack Gleeson, Joffrey Baratheon reigns as the most hated TV character of all time, particularly from Game of Thrones. His infamy transcends the show’s fanbase, with even non-viewers familiar with the widespread disdain for his character.
Despite his youth, Joffrey’s cruel personality and sadistic nature ensure his position as the pinnacle of villainy in television history. Gleeson’s portrayal effectively embodies Joffrey’s despised traits, leaving an indelible mark on viewers long after the show’s conclusion. Even years later, Game of Thrones’ Joffrey remains the undisputed champion of hated TV characters.

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