Who Is Oliver Grayson, Mark’s Half-Brother, In ‘Invincible’ Season 2?

In Prime Video’s adaptation of ‘Invincible,’ the mid-season finale of the second season unveiled a pivotal character from Robert Kirkman’s comic series: Oliver Grayson.

Oliver, the son of Omni-Man and Andressa, a Thraxan loved by Nolan after he left Earth, brings a fresh dynamic to the show as a Viltrumite half-breed with accelerated aging. Raised by his parents until Omni-Man’s return to Thraxa, Oliver eventually joins Mark on Earth under Debbie’s care, facing challenges like abduction by Angstrom Levy.

As Oliver matures, he becomes Kid Omni-Man, aiding Mark in missions and navigating conflicts like the “Invincible War.” With his complex character arc mirroring the comics, Oliver promises to be a significant addition to the show’s ensemble.

Influenced by Angstrom Levy’s machinations, Oliver’s evolution mirrors his father’s, blending apathy with the kindness instilled by Mark and Debbie. As the series progresses, fans anticipate Oliver’s development alongside Mark and Omni-Man, preparing for the intense battles ahead.

With ‘Invincible’ season 2 part 1 now streaming, viewers await Oliver’s further impact on the show’s narrative and the unfolding conflicts within the Invincible universe.

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