Top 15 Hottest Male Celebrities & Actors of 2023, According to Polls [Updated]

As we bid farewell to 2023, public voters on Ranker have spoken, unveiling the most attractive male celebrities who set Hollywood ablaze this year. From Marvel’s Avengers to the cast of CW’s Supernatural, here are the top 15 heartthrobs who captured the public’s admiration:


15/15 Liam Hemsworth


One-third of the renowned Australian Hemsworth siblings, Liam Hemsworth, known for his role in The Hunger Games, which propelled him to immediate stardom, secures the 15th spot.

As the sibling of Thor actor and Westworld star Luke Hemsworth, Liam’s professional journey remains vibrant, notably marked by his assumption of the role of Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s live-action adaptation of The Witcher, succeeding Henry Cavill.


14/15 Ryan Gosling


In the 2023 Hollywood attractiveness rankings, Ryan Gosling, affectionately known as Ken, claims the 14th spot. Renowned for his roles in timeless classics like The Notebook, Blade Runner 2049, and La La Land, Gosling consistently captivates his audience.

His adept acting, impeccably timed comedic flair, and undeniable good looks solidify his status on Hollywood’s constellation of stars, ensuring a fan base that is never disappointed with his choice of roles and projects.


13/15 Tom Ellis


Securing the 13th position on Ranker’s list of the hottest male celebrities and/or actors of 2023, Tom Ellis, renowned for his role in “Lucifer,” has become a household name.

With his impressive acting skills and beloved portrayal of Lucifer Morningstar, Ellis has garnered a devoted fanbase that eagerly anticipates his future endeavors.


12/15 Paul Rudd


Securing the 12th position on Ranker’s list of the hottest male stars of 2023, Paul Rudd, often referred to as the ‘man who doesn’t age,’ is celebrated for his extensive and beloved roles in Hollywood.

With a diverse career that spans from his appearance in “Friends” to his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Ant-Man, Rudd’s IMDb page is a testament to his versatile and enduring popularity, sometimes overshadowing the projects themselves.


11/15 Tom Holland


Claiming the 11th spot is Tom Holland, renowned for his role in “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” Widely considered one of the most successful and prominent male Hollywood stars of his generation.

Holland catapulted to fame with his debut as Spider-Man in Marvel Studios’ “Captain America: Civil War.” His career continued to flourish with appearances in prestigious projects, including the live-action “Uncharted” movie series.


10/15 Sebastian Stan


Recognized for his contributions to The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries,” this actor has garnered attention as a rising star worth keeping an eye on in the entertainment industry.


9/15 Keanu Reeves


Hollywood icon Keanu Reeves, celebrated for iconic portrayals like Neo in “The Matrix” and John Wick, secures the 9th position in the list of the hottest male celebrities and actors of 2023.

Reeves is widely regarded as one of the most affable and cherished figures in the film industry, primarily attributed to his warm and kind demeanor towards colleagues and fans, along with his remarkably relatable lifestyle. His impressive body of work continues to captivate audiences, further contributing to his enduring popularity.


8/15 Chris Evans


Another heartthrob, Chris Evans, renowned as Captain America, secures the 8th spot among the hottest male celebrities of 2023, with strong potential for another top 10 placement in 2024.

Evans, recognized for his participation in numerous beloved projects and iconic roles, stands out not only for his acting prowess but also for his charming personality, drawing an enthusiastic fan base that extends beyond his cinematic achievements.


7/15 Michael B. Jordan


The survey results for the hottest male celebrities and/or actors of 2023 place Michael B. Jordan, renowned for his roles in Creed and Black Panther, at the 7th spot.

Jordan’s career maintains an upward trajectory, captivating and impressing audiences worldwide with his phenomenal acting skills and undeniable good looks, solidifying his position at number seven on the list.


6/15 Ryan Reynolds


Securing the 6th position on the list of 2023’s hottest male celebrities is none other than Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. While Reynolds has been part of the acting scene since the 1990s, it was his portrayal of Van Wilder in the early 2000s that catapulted him to fame.

Known for his crude sense of humor and a hilarious outlook on life, Reynolds consistently exhibits these traits, endearing him to fans both on and off the screen. His enduring popularity and unwavering connection with audiences contribute to his well-deserved place among Hollywood’s hottest male stars.


5/15 Chris Hemsworth


Securing the 5th position on Ranker’s Hottest Male Celebrities and/or Actors of 2023 is none other than Chris Hemsworth, renowned for his roles as Thor Odinson in Marvel Studios’ cinematic universe and as a lead in the film Extraction.

Rising to Hollywood fame with his portrayal of the mighty Thor, Hemsworth has become a fixture in the industry. Beyond his on-screen success, he is celebrated for his roles as a family man, natural comedian, and advocate for various positive causes. With his multifaceted appeal, Chris Hemsworth unsurprisingly captures a top spot on this year’s list.


4/15 Henry Cavill


While Warner Bros. Pictures may no longer see him as Superman, to his millions of devoted fans worldwide, Henry Cavill will forever be the 21st Century’s Man of Steel.

Known for his roles in The Witcher and Mission Impossible, Cavill continues to captivate and garner support from his expanding fanbase. His memorable performances and endearing personality have solidified his status as a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.


3/15 Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Securing the third spot for the hottest male star of 2023, as of December 28, is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Renowned for his roles in Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and his upcoming appearance in The Boys, Morgan has left a lasting impact with his acting prowess, attractive appearance, and warm personality.

Even with only a few appearances in Supernatural as John Winchester, he continues to be cherished by the show’s dedicated fandom.


2/15 Jared Padalecki


Securing the second spot as the hottest male celeb and/or actor of 2023 is Jared Padalecki, famed for his roles as Sam Winchester in Supernatural and as the star of Walker. Adored for his on-screen performances and cherished for his off-screen persona characterized by a loving, comedic, and family-first attitude, Padalecki has earned a special place in the hearts of fans.


1/15 Jensen Ackles


Claiming the coveted top spot as the hottest male celeb star of 2023 is Supernatural icon Jensen Ackles. A fixture in the top 10 of such lists for nearly two decades, Ackles is celebrated for his diverse acting career.

While renowned for his portrayal of Dean Winchester in the long-running Supernatural series alongside Jared Padalecki, he also garnered a new wave of fans with his role as Soldier Boy in Eric Kripke’s The Boys on Prime Video, surpassing the acclaim of many Marvel or DC characters. Ackles’ enduring popularity and versatile performances solidify his status as the reigning heartthrob of 2023.

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